Thursday, 19 December 2013


I need some space and time alone
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December 2013

This month is seriously the suckiest month ever.. i dont know what the hell is wrong with myself.. my mind seems to stop functioning at the most critical and crucial time..

Maybe i need to consume some sort of medicine/supplement for my mental health.

or maybe i need a vacation.... ehhh? over btol..

Now is the tender evaluation period and hearing some deconstructive comments from my client made me feel like a scumbag.. thus contribute to more and more mistakes.. why laaa why laaaa i'm so stupid...

i need to find my inner peace.. i need some space to put myself back together.. i need to.............. buy more shoes.. and bags...

oh btw regarding the unhealthy relationship, i just blocked that guy's number so he can no longer contact me.. haha.. as easy as that.. plus i really don't have time to put myself in a difficult situation since my life is already fucked up..

i think what i really need now is to see some nice scenery or alam semulajadi.. i've always wanted to snap a pic kat sawah padi.. oooo so nice.. but what to do, i dont have kampung in Kedah.. aigooo...

Sunday, 15 December 2013


I need to buy more shoes

oops i did it again

oooopppsieee.. i abandoned this blog again...... my life has been pretty hectic this lately plus am born lazy.. nothing much i can do about it.... haha..
i shall blog on my-almost-forgotten-trip-to-korea pretty soon.. or perhaps next year (if my so and so memory permits) oh and my amazing 1890647th trip to singapore..
anyhow, this entry is going to be a boring entry..
as stated above in my entry title, yes, oops i did it again... got myself involved in an unhealthy relationship.. not the unsafe sex kinda thing hokayyyy but i considered it as unhealthy as i know that i will be the one heart broken in the end of the day..
at times like this, i really2 hate si kentut for making my life so complicated... especially this time of the year.. last few days, 12th december to be precised marked the 5th year i've been a super forever alone single lonely and miserable single mother..
i know i've been blessed to have such a cute daughter like Alyaa b
ut sometimes i can't hide this envious feeling seeing those around my age living a happly life.. i forgot what it feels to be missed.. i forgot how it feels to be loved..
so when someone started caring about me i fell for it easily.. not sure whether it's because of my pathetic lonely life or maybe it is time for me to start a new life.. am i ready?

am i strong enough to bear the consequences?
Dear Allah, please show me the way..

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Around The Globe

As I’m writing this post, I was deeply saddened by the fact that my sister just finished my Starbucks caramel machiatto that I bought from Korea L

Whatever it is, life must go on (yes, am that kind of dramatic)

Ok, now back to the real topic. I’m the type of person that loves to travel. Each year I will make sure that I will visit at least one country or if not, at least any place within Malaysia.

Among places I wish to visit someday are:
  • Makkah
  • Krabi, Thailand
  • Seoul, Korea (Again and again and again and again)
  • Osaka, Japan
  • Sydney, Australia
  •  London, England
  • Taj Mahal, India
  • Boracay,Philippines
  •  Dubai
  • New York, USA
  • Maldives
  • New Zealand

These are among countries/places I wish to visit before I turn 40. I will need a lot of moolah for me to be able to travel the world or a super rich husband perhaps?  Muahahhahahahah

Anyhow I really hope I’ll have the chance to fully sponsor my mother for a nice vacation whether it is outside or within Malaysia.

So dear salary and side income, please grow healthily.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Coming Sooooooooon...

In conjunction with my super free time for the next 2 weeks (i shall start working with new company this becoming 1st November 2013~nervous) I, Nurul Nadia Binti Rusli aka Nadia Bontits (I shall elaborate on my new nickname in another post) will update on my travel journey to Beijing and Seoul 2013... before all the memories fade away..

Monday, 9 September 2013


Since am overexcited updating my forever forgotten blog using my new pc (my sis' old pc actually), i'll update 2 posts today.. Just to let you know that last few days (weeks to be precised) has not been that great. got into a big fight with my colleague, gained 3kgs, suddenly got pimple on my forehead and the list goes on..

i've decided i need to spend more of my time doing positive things instead of participating in anything inconsequential.

therefore, i spent rm168 of my left over salary to buy books at Borders, The Garden. Yes, shopping is a therapy, and it is definitely a positive thing to do.. haha.. no lah, my point is that i think i need to spend more quality times reading quality books. something motivational, something educating and something comforting.

i'm currently reading Engineering your road to financial freedom (bottom left) and i must say that this book is quite good. the wording is definitely easy to understand and the author even show some example in the form of excel spreadsheet quite the same like what i did with my financial management.. hmmmm.. i wonder why mine isn't working.. haha.. i got to train myself not to fall in love with the words sale and discount. 

i'll update more when i finish reading this book. 

as for the rest, i can't wait to get my hands on you!!!


My diet has been totally messed up this lately. i only went to the gym once which entitled me to 2-months-straight-menderma-to-CF award. I've been eating carbs, fats, fats, and carbs and all the sweet stuffs like there's no tomorrow. 'Lucky' me my weight only increased up to 3kgs which made me weigh at 85.6kg.

yeayyyy, there goes my #misiredkebaya and #misimencaripapaalyaa haha. so in conjuction to the increase of oil price by 20 cents and my weight by 3kgs, tonight i made lunch for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. only lunch because i don't plan to stay late. 5.31pm sharp i'll make sure to have my ass nicely placed in my car.

Please find below pics of the food that yours truly had prepared. TQ.

chicken breast
black pepper 
garlic powder
oyster sauce
semua jenis bwg dlm dapur

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Freelance Reporter

Hi Awak..

Biasenye bile kwn2 awk rileks sebentar borak2 kat meja tgh, buat air kat pantry sbb penat bekerja (almaklumla kitorg bkn mcm awk ade assistant, pastu 'byk projek' kannnn, awk mst rajin jd unpaid/freelance reporter kat admin..

so, td kite rase, kite mcm nmpk awk lepak2 borak2 (bukan td je tp selalu) time opis hour.. it makes me wonder, awk x bgtau ke kat admin awk tgh lepak2 x wat keje.. ooopppssss..

yela, dlm opis ni mmg awk sorg je yg ade keje.. mmg awk sorg je yg ade pojek beso2.. org lain kan mkn gaji buta je.. huhu..

haiyaaa ini olang.. makes me feel more bersemangat to leave NFL.. since boss pon x kesah n trus bsemangat tgk resume utk cri my pengganti, rase mcm nk minx izin berhenti lebih awl plak.. instead of 2 mths, minx 2 weeks ke.. or 1 month ke.. mcm best je..

haha.. adios..

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sunday 25.8.2013 1.37am

I finally managed to get myself a new job. No OT but at least with bigger basic salary. Not sure on the working environment though but hopefully everything will be fine. So this means I’ll be leaving NFL pretty soon. I really hope I can just give 1 month notice instead of 2 months because I plan to go holiday with mak and Alyaa. Maybe Langkawi or K.Terengganu. Shall be decided later on depends on the management’s decision to let me go with 1 month notice or I need to follow the normal procedure.

Anyhow, the same old feeling will always linger in my mind each time I decide to resign. But I think this time it won’t be as hard as before since I can just pass the resignation letter  to my HR and need not face all the bosses. Furthermore I was never an important person in my office, so nothing to be worried of.

As for my fitness progress, I succeeded in not gaining any weight during festive season but since my clean eating routine has ruined, my weight kind of increased a little bit these past 2-3 days. This is a big major problem. I need to weigh 75kg before trip to Beijing and definitely need to lose a lot of weight before Korea trip because I purposely bought small size trench coat with the intention to keep me motivated in losing these nasty fat off my body. Haha. Now I might have to buy a new trench coat. Fuck.

I really hope I can start clean eating again by tomorrow. So to the market I go tomorrow morning. I already grilled some chicken parts for breaking fast next week. I planned to puasa 6 for  the entire next week. Wish me luck J

Btw, these lately I kept a safe distance from my fellow isihat friends since one of them kind of turn out to be isakit friend instead of isihat not all of them but this one human being. I’d better be safe than sorry. I mean, you’ll never know one’s true intention when they first became your friend right? It’s a scary world I live nowadays.

on another note, i have big dreams. i'm a big girl with big dreams. soon i'll be slim girl with big dreams. haha. my dream is to become an entrepreneur. and i know i will be one someday. i always see myself as a businesswomen. as someone who gives job opportunity to others. 

i may not have the money, modal and courage to be an entrepreneur full time at the moment, but someday i will. so for now, all i can do is to collect as much knowledge and infos for my future business.

when people around me discourage me, make fun of my dreams and totally look down on me, i feel devastated. i feel heart broken and sometimes i feel like giving up. but thankfully the negative feelings easily fade away. i hope i will stay this strong till the end of time.

so for now what i have to do is to actually live the dreams. stop telling them my dreams but show them.

sorry for the super long no picture and boring post.

good night and Assalamualaikum 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

external beauty

Sometimes I don't understand these skinny people that loves to make fun of plus size people (like yours truly).. I mean, who the hell do they think they are? Goddess? Miss world? Body builder? Model? Brad pitt? Tyra banks wannabe?

Would it be a pleasant to your ear if I simply make fun of your disability or physical? 

Do you really think that you're that perfect? 

Put yourself in my shoe.. I never did any harm to you besides being an eye sore to your eyes for being fat and ugly..

So what if I'm fat and ugly? Did I ask for your money to buy me food? 

Haihhhh these people.. get a life.. 

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Post Cabaran Isihat Musim Ke-3

Cabaran Isihat ended about a month ago.. total weight loss during cabaran was 8.8kgs.. not much but i'm proud of myself..

yours truly with the incredibly handsome and amazing KEVIN ZAHRI

So for about a week after the challenge ended i kinda lost track and i started bad eating which sucks A LOT!!!

Ben's Kotiau (can't remember the name)

fattening petronas bangsar cendol

Starbucks choc pudding bla bla bla (can't remember the name)

Ben's sundae which is to die for 

But all these bad eating doesn't last forever because i realised that the journey of my dream to wear super tight kebaya by end of this year are still far..

So i started clean eating (only 1-2 cheat days a week)

I also started exercising regularly..

Setia eco walkathon 2013

And i also invest on fitness gadget which i never imagined buying.. isn't it weird that i would spent rm449.65 for a heart rate monitor.. but it's totally worth it.. especially when you see the numbers on the screen showing amount of calories burned for each workout..

Go go Nadia!!!
As for today, total weight loss 12.4kgs and another 37.5kgs more for me to shed to get my goal weight :)


This is my latest look.. not much different but progressing :)
Camwhoring is what i do best in life
Buka puasa sponsored by Fatin's contractor

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Cabaran isihat season 3 as at 5th week

Hello everyone..
Today marked the 5th week of cabaran isihat season 3.. Sadly i didn't lose that much of weight today despite the fact that i did a kick ass workout this week and consumed (almost) clean diet.. but the good part is i still lose weight.. not much but progressively shedding the pounds of my body..
Today's activity was a 9km merentas desa at Equin UPM (forgot the name).. i was having my first day of period so my peranakan cramp a lil bit and i got super tired and my feet was aching and blistering (got such word ka?) and ehh ok enough with the excuses nadia -__-"  So i only managed to finish about 5km only.. the remaining 4km i naik kereta org isihat... hahaha.. pastu complain nape x kurus kan.. bengong pny otak aku nih..
And the top 3 winners are as follows:
1st place Nash
2nd place Emi
3rd place Naqib

Am so malas to type so i'll just shower you guys with all the pic la yek..
Muke paling semangat tp paling lemau.. yup thats me..

Kami si future body-hot-and-mantap

Punishment for those yg naik berat -__-"

sy yg berasa diri sudah sedikit kurus

ye saya lg..

and saya lagi.. yup, am vain liddat..

Left is on 1st day (98.1kg) of cabaran isihat season three and on the right is on the 5th week (92.1kg)

Right after the activity we practice all the dancing moves for next week (i hope i don't embarrass myself on stage, or trip on stage -Nauzubillah Minzalik)
Then on the way balik singgah beli ayam golek berlemak berminyak nak mampos tapi sedap nak mampos sampai I ate 3/4 of the chicken ALONE..
Yup, your read it right honey.. I ate 3/4 of the chicken all by myself like nobody's business.. Then tido sampai malam..
Bangon tido trus teringat Kevin's starbucks he drank this morning and suddenly i was craving for caramel machiatto like a mad woman.. Whatsapp Kak uji asking her to tapau me one venti ice caramel machiatto tp i was too late because by the time my msg reached her phone, she was already luar rumah..


That's how bad my cravings were.. So without further delay, i reached my car key and start off the engine to shah alam mall.. i drive and park my car like a total asshole and brisk walk (probably i burned around 200kcal kot for walking this fast) to starbucks and order my drink..


F*CK (sejak bile aku sopan ketika mencarut ni?)

Ohh btw, this week is the first week i started my training with my none other that former awesome incredible personal trainer Aimran Amir Hamzah..
Supposedly yesterday (Friday) was my third session with him but due to the unforeseen pengeluaran period, i had a really bad period pain so had to cancel..
So far am very satisfied with him.. one hour of PT session will solely used for training with him means i need to sampai awal 15-20 mins for warming up (treadmill/bicycle etc) bagus kan? unlike other trainer who will abuse the 1 hour by asking you to kill time with cardio.. chehh, cardio ley wat sdri la weii.. so that's what i love bout this guy.. very bagus, he will plan your meal, be there when you have questions and sng cite mmg bagusla weii..
Later when i get the chance to snap a pic of me with him, i'll post it here in my beloved-nobody-cares-blog
  • Week 1 - 2.1kg
  • Week 2 - 1.1kg
  • Week 3 - absent
  • Week 4 - 1.6kg
  • Week 5 - 0.7kg
  • Week 6 - Dap Dup Dap Dup
Total weight lost to date = 6kgs

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Cabaran isihat musim ke-3 as at 4th week

As always, i have abandoned this blog over and over again.. i always have tons of ideas when it comes to updating my blog, it's just that i'm to lazy to on my lappy tappy or tabby.. and when i finally have the kerajinan to do so, all the ideas suddenly go pooofff... ilang.. hehehhe.. and as you can see am a queen of excuses.. kikikikiki..
anyways guys, just to update that as to date i have lost 5.2kgs since i started cabaran isihat musim ke-3.. quite slow to me and i don't know why (padahal melantak x hengat pastu masok gym gelak je lebey tp exercise nye ala kadar).. before this i can easily cut off like 4kgs in a week only by dieting..  nampak sgt dh tua nye.. but whatever it is am still grateful and proud of myself with my achievement..
this is how i look like on the first week.. kindly ignore the lenjun baju.. this pic was taken right after body combat.. my sweats were like air terjun..
gemoknye la haiii.. xpelah pelan2 nadia.. biar lambat asal ade penurunan..
 some of the ladies.. we've became more than friends.. Alhamdulillah for this oppurtunity to meet some great and kind people..
This is us!! Fighting!!!
 That's me... kebuluran.. when am hungry I don't give a damn about my surroundings anymore..
On the 2nd week were given task to do treasure hunt.. not that tiring but need to use brains.. and that's of course my ultimate weakness.. hihihihi.. but it's quite fun.. the food was great (ehh focus on the cabaran nadia!!!)
no.. i'm not pregnant -__-'
Since we received a 2 weeks free celebrity fitness membership, i took this opportunity to re-register myself back to the gym.. i already signed up at this one small gym in Shah Alam, but no sauna (gedik x aku?) so i decided to rejoin CF..
The 3rd week i went to Singapore to i skipped one week hence no photos (ade je photos org lain but xnakla upload)..
And finally the 4th week..... this time it's jungle trekking.. something that i bloody hate all my life.. but guess what? i managed to do it.. i challenged myself and i finish the jungle trekking (tanpa naik ambulance)..
(photos taken from Kevin Zahri's FB page)
Aktiviti tanam pokok before pijak pokok during jungle trekking..
That's me idong kembang kempis control napas..

The boys.. Boys ke? Bapak org dh mereka2 ini..
Teknik silangan kaki ala2 paris hilton berjaya memberi ilusi slim.. (photo taken by June yg comel lg kuat gelak)
So as to date, these are the numbers being cut down each week:
  • 1st week = 2.1kgs
  • 2nd week = 1.1kgs
  • 3rd week = x dtg bahkan naik 2kgs
  • 4th week = 1.6kgs
Doakan kejayaan ku utk fit and healthy :)