Friday, 17 May 2013


esok ialah hari timbang for cabaran isihat musim ke-3.. so neves smpi xley tdo.. i don't think i lose that much.. 1st week aritu i only managed to lose 2.5kgs whereas org lain sume turun bagai nk gile..

tp winning the competition is not my main goal (pdhal dh x yakin), my goal is to be slim n healthy..

anyways, i signed up with cf for the sake of my niat suci.. so currently mmg perabih duit utk kurus.. haha.. ari2 beb dtg cf tp exercise nye tahape2, dok tgolek je lebey.. xpe yg penting usaha..

akibat terlalu ghairah membuang lemak, smpi hp pon ilang kat loker.. ttggal n lesap terus..ilang sume pic alyaa since die 2 thn n mcm2 lg.. semoga si pengambil hp tu mati dgn penuh keseksaan..

oh btw, as per tajuk above, i haven't berak lg since last few days.. haisyyyyyyy..

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Planning sampai pening

i have plans for my life, for my daughter, for my future, for her future and for our future.. in life we need to have plans at least as a guide.. so below are my plans before i turn 30.. hope everything goes well.. InsyaAllah.. Amin..

Saturday, 4 May 2013

calorie counting

since i joined cabaran isihat musim ke-3 ni am all obsessed with calorie counting.. so now here i am having my dinner at sushi king as i'm writing this post..

all this while mmg x pnah plak aku kire calorie time melantak kat sushi king.. bedal je mcm beruang polar yg nk hibernate 6 bulan.. so td i took about 15 mins deciding what i should be having for dinner.. fuhh.. bpeluh pilih sbb byk gak calorie in each plate..

pd minit ke 16 i decided i'll have mini chicken salad 133 kcal, egg mayo 118 kcal,1 kani tama maki 124 kcal and 1 kani tobikko 120 kcal..

kalu ikot nafsu berahi aku,ni mmg x ckup tp demi baju size m and seluar size 27... i told myself this is enough and i'll just eat what i need..

semoga satgi time training ade tenaga nk all out.. fuhhhh..

Friday, 3 May 2013

Heart attack

Morning peeps.. i just made this new account yesterday 3rd May 2013.. and i was so excited to post on what i ate, what i did etc..

so i open my google search and googled and i found this...

Heart attack part 1.. ehh amende ni?

so i clicked and i found this....

Heart attack part 2.. what the hell is this..

haha.. terbantot kejap hasrat murni nk update on calorie intake sempena cabaran isihat bersama kevin zahri musim ke-3..

ahhhaaa new blog uolss

Hi guys.. Welcome to my new blog.. i hope i won't abandon this new blog like what i did to my previous blog.. i created a new blog because i want to start fresh.. many (ehh many ke?) have known that most of my posts in my previous blog are emotional+complaints+discontentment bla bla bla u name it.. so i hope this new blog won't only be my channel to express my darkness but also as a way for me to share everything that i wish to share.. i can't promise u that i won't post any emo post (cause i know i will).. hahah.. till then.. tadaaaaa..