Saturday, 4 May 2013

calorie counting

since i joined cabaran isihat musim ke-3 ni am all obsessed with calorie counting.. so now here i am having my dinner at sushi king as i'm writing this post..

all this while mmg x pnah plak aku kire calorie time melantak kat sushi king.. bedal je mcm beruang polar yg nk hibernate 6 bulan.. so td i took about 15 mins deciding what i should be having for dinner.. fuhh.. bpeluh pilih sbb byk gak calorie in each plate..

pd minit ke 16 i decided i'll have mini chicken salad 133 kcal, egg mayo 118 kcal,1 kani tama maki 124 kcal and 1 kani tobikko 120 kcal..

kalu ikot nafsu berahi aku,ni mmg x ckup tp demi baju size m and seluar size 27... i told myself this is enough and i'll just eat what i need..

semoga satgi time training ade tenaga nk all out.. fuhhhh..

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