Sunday, 2 June 2013

Cabaran isihat musim ke-3 as at 4th week

As always, i have abandoned this blog over and over again.. i always have tons of ideas when it comes to updating my blog, it's just that i'm to lazy to on my lappy tappy or tabby.. and when i finally have the kerajinan to do so, all the ideas suddenly go pooofff... ilang.. hehehhe.. and as you can see am a queen of excuses.. kikikikiki..
anyways guys, just to update that as to date i have lost 5.2kgs since i started cabaran isihat musim ke-3.. quite slow to me and i don't know why (padahal melantak x hengat pastu masok gym gelak je lebey tp exercise nye ala kadar).. before this i can easily cut off like 4kgs in a week only by dieting..  nampak sgt dh tua nye.. but whatever it is am still grateful and proud of myself with my achievement..
this is how i look like on the first week.. kindly ignore the lenjun baju.. this pic was taken right after body combat.. my sweats were like air terjun..
gemoknye la haiii.. xpelah pelan2 nadia.. biar lambat asal ade penurunan..
 some of the ladies.. we've became more than friends.. Alhamdulillah for this oppurtunity to meet some great and kind people..
This is us!! Fighting!!!
 That's me... kebuluran.. when am hungry I don't give a damn about my surroundings anymore..
On the 2nd week were given task to do treasure hunt.. not that tiring but need to use brains.. and that's of course my ultimate weakness.. hihihihi.. but it's quite fun.. the food was great (ehh focus on the cabaran nadia!!!)
no.. i'm not pregnant -__-'
Since we received a 2 weeks free celebrity fitness membership, i took this opportunity to re-register myself back to the gym.. i already signed up at this one small gym in Shah Alam, but no sauna (gedik x aku?) so i decided to rejoin CF..
The 3rd week i went to Singapore to i skipped one week hence no photos (ade je photos org lain but xnakla upload)..
And finally the 4th week..... this time it's jungle trekking.. something that i bloody hate all my life.. but guess what? i managed to do it.. i challenged myself and i finish the jungle trekking (tanpa naik ambulance)..
(photos taken from Kevin Zahri's FB page)
Aktiviti tanam pokok before pijak pokok during jungle trekking..
That's me idong kembang kempis control napas..

The boys.. Boys ke? Bapak org dh mereka2 ini..
Teknik silangan kaki ala2 paris hilton berjaya memberi ilusi slim.. (photo taken by June yg comel lg kuat gelak)
So as to date, these are the numbers being cut down each week:
  • 1st week = 2.1kgs
  • 2nd week = 1.1kgs
  • 3rd week = x dtg bahkan naik 2kgs
  • 4th week = 1.6kgs
Doakan kejayaan ku utk fit and healthy :)

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