Saturday, 8 June 2013

Cabaran isihat season 3 as at 5th week

Hello everyone..
Today marked the 5th week of cabaran isihat season 3.. Sadly i didn't lose that much of weight today despite the fact that i did a kick ass workout this week and consumed (almost) clean diet.. but the good part is i still lose weight.. not much but progressively shedding the pounds of my body..
Today's activity was a 9km merentas desa at Equin UPM (forgot the name).. i was having my first day of period so my peranakan cramp a lil bit and i got super tired and my feet was aching and blistering (got such word ka?) and ehh ok enough with the excuses nadia -__-"  So i only managed to finish about 5km only.. the remaining 4km i naik kereta org isihat... hahaha.. pastu complain nape x kurus kan.. bengong pny otak aku nih..
And the top 3 winners are as follows:
1st place Nash
2nd place Emi
3rd place Naqib

Am so malas to type so i'll just shower you guys with all the pic la yek..
Muke paling semangat tp paling lemau.. yup thats me..

Kami si future body-hot-and-mantap

Punishment for those yg naik berat -__-"

sy yg berasa diri sudah sedikit kurus

ye saya lg..

and saya lagi.. yup, am vain liddat..

Left is on 1st day (98.1kg) of cabaran isihat season three and on the right is on the 5th week (92.1kg)

Right after the activity we practice all the dancing moves for next week (i hope i don't embarrass myself on stage, or trip on stage -Nauzubillah Minzalik)
Then on the way balik singgah beli ayam golek berlemak berminyak nak mampos tapi sedap nak mampos sampai I ate 3/4 of the chicken ALONE..
Yup, your read it right honey.. I ate 3/4 of the chicken all by myself like nobody's business.. Then tido sampai malam..
Bangon tido trus teringat Kevin's starbucks he drank this morning and suddenly i was craving for caramel machiatto like a mad woman.. Whatsapp Kak uji asking her to tapau me one venti ice caramel machiatto tp i was too late because by the time my msg reached her phone, she was already luar rumah..


That's how bad my cravings were.. So without further delay, i reached my car key and start off the engine to shah alam mall.. i drive and park my car like a total asshole and brisk walk (probably i burned around 200kcal kot for walking this fast) to starbucks and order my drink..


F*CK (sejak bile aku sopan ketika mencarut ni?)

Ohh btw, this week is the first week i started my training with my none other that former awesome incredible personal trainer Aimran Amir Hamzah..
Supposedly yesterday (Friday) was my third session with him but due to the unforeseen pengeluaran period, i had a really bad period pain so had to cancel..
So far am very satisfied with him.. one hour of PT session will solely used for training with him means i need to sampai awal 15-20 mins for warming up (treadmill/bicycle etc) bagus kan? unlike other trainer who will abuse the 1 hour by asking you to kill time with cardio.. chehh, cardio ley wat sdri la weii.. so that's what i love bout this guy.. very bagus, he will plan your meal, be there when you have questions and sng cite mmg bagusla weii..
Later when i get the chance to snap a pic of me with him, i'll post it here in my beloved-nobody-cares-blog
  • Week 1 - 2.1kg
  • Week 2 - 1.1kg
  • Week 3 - absent
  • Week 4 - 1.6kg
  • Week 5 - 0.7kg
  • Week 6 - Dap Dup Dap Dup
Total weight lost to date = 6kgs

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