Saturday, 20 July 2013

Post Cabaran Isihat Musim Ke-3

Cabaran Isihat ended about a month ago.. total weight loss during cabaran was 8.8kgs.. not much but i'm proud of myself..

yours truly with the incredibly handsome and amazing KEVIN ZAHRI

So for about a week after the challenge ended i kinda lost track and i started bad eating which sucks A LOT!!!

Ben's Kotiau (can't remember the name)

fattening petronas bangsar cendol

Starbucks choc pudding bla bla bla (can't remember the name)

Ben's sundae which is to die for 

But all these bad eating doesn't last forever because i realised that the journey of my dream to wear super tight kebaya by end of this year are still far..

So i started clean eating (only 1-2 cheat days a week)

I also started exercising regularly..

Setia eco walkathon 2013

And i also invest on fitness gadget which i never imagined buying.. isn't it weird that i would spent rm449.65 for a heart rate monitor.. but it's totally worth it.. especially when you see the numbers on the screen showing amount of calories burned for each workout..

Go go Nadia!!!
As for today, total weight loss 12.4kgs and another 37.5kgs more for me to shed to get my goal weight :)


This is my latest look.. not much different but progressing :)
Camwhoring is what i do best in life
Buka puasa sponsored by Fatin's contractor