Thursday, 29 August 2013

Freelance Reporter

Hi Awak..

Biasenye bile kwn2 awk rileks sebentar borak2 kat meja tgh, buat air kat pantry sbb penat bekerja (almaklumla kitorg bkn mcm awk ade assistant, pastu 'byk projek' kannnn, awk mst rajin jd unpaid/freelance reporter kat admin..

so, td kite rase, kite mcm nmpk awk lepak2 borak2 (bukan td je tp selalu) time opis hour.. it makes me wonder, awk x bgtau ke kat admin awk tgh lepak2 x wat keje.. ooopppssss..

yela, dlm opis ni mmg awk sorg je yg ade keje.. mmg awk sorg je yg ade pojek beso2.. org lain kan mkn gaji buta je.. huhu..

haiyaaa ini olang.. makes me feel more bersemangat to leave NFL.. since boss pon x kesah n trus bsemangat tgk resume utk cri my pengganti, rase mcm nk minx izin berhenti lebih awl plak.. instead of 2 mths, minx 2 weeks ke.. or 1 month ke.. mcm best je..

haha.. adios..

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sunday 25.8.2013 1.37am

I finally managed to get myself a new job. No OT but at least with bigger basic salary. Not sure on the working environment though but hopefully everything will be fine. So this means I’ll be leaving NFL pretty soon. I really hope I can just give 1 month notice instead of 2 months because I plan to go holiday with mak and Alyaa. Maybe Langkawi or K.Terengganu. Shall be decided later on depends on the management’s decision to let me go with 1 month notice or I need to follow the normal procedure.

Anyhow, the same old feeling will always linger in my mind each time I decide to resign. But I think this time it won’t be as hard as before since I can just pass the resignation letter  to my HR and need not face all the bosses. Furthermore I was never an important person in my office, so nothing to be worried of.

As for my fitness progress, I succeeded in not gaining any weight during festive season but since my clean eating routine has ruined, my weight kind of increased a little bit these past 2-3 days. This is a big major problem. I need to weigh 75kg before trip to Beijing and definitely need to lose a lot of weight before Korea trip because I purposely bought small size trench coat with the intention to keep me motivated in losing these nasty fat off my body. Haha. Now I might have to buy a new trench coat. Fuck.

I really hope I can start clean eating again by tomorrow. So to the market I go tomorrow morning. I already grilled some chicken parts for breaking fast next week. I planned to puasa 6 for  the entire next week. Wish me luck J

Btw, these lately I kept a safe distance from my fellow isihat friends since one of them kind of turn out to be isakit friend instead of isihat not all of them but this one human being. I’d better be safe than sorry. I mean, you’ll never know one’s true intention when they first became your friend right? It’s a scary world I live nowadays.

on another note, i have big dreams. i'm a big girl with big dreams. soon i'll be slim girl with big dreams. haha. my dream is to become an entrepreneur. and i know i will be one someday. i always see myself as a businesswomen. as someone who gives job opportunity to others. 

i may not have the money, modal and courage to be an entrepreneur full time at the moment, but someday i will. so for now, all i can do is to collect as much knowledge and infos for my future business.

when people around me discourage me, make fun of my dreams and totally look down on me, i feel devastated. i feel heart broken and sometimes i feel like giving up. but thankfully the negative feelings easily fade away. i hope i will stay this strong till the end of time.

so for now what i have to do is to actually live the dreams. stop telling them my dreams but show them.

sorry for the super long no picture and boring post.

good night and Assalamualaikum 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

external beauty

Sometimes I don't understand these skinny people that loves to make fun of plus size people (like yours truly).. I mean, who the hell do they think they are? Goddess? Miss world? Body builder? Model? Brad pitt? Tyra banks wannabe?

Would it be a pleasant to your ear if I simply make fun of your disability or physical? 

Do you really think that you're that perfect? 

Put yourself in my shoe.. I never did any harm to you besides being an eye sore to your eyes for being fat and ugly..

So what if I'm fat and ugly? Did I ask for your money to buy me food? 

Haihhhh these people.. get a life..