Monday, 9 September 2013


My diet has been totally messed up this lately. i only went to the gym once which entitled me to 2-months-straight-menderma-to-CF award. I've been eating carbs, fats, fats, and carbs and all the sweet stuffs like there's no tomorrow. 'Lucky' me my weight only increased up to 3kgs which made me weigh at 85.6kg.

yeayyyy, there goes my #misiredkebaya and #misimencaripapaalyaa haha. so in conjuction to the increase of oil price by 20 cents and my weight by 3kgs, tonight i made lunch for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. only lunch because i don't plan to stay late. 5.31pm sharp i'll make sure to have my ass nicely placed in my car.

Please find below pics of the food that yours truly had prepared. TQ.

chicken breast
black pepper 
garlic powder
oyster sauce
semua jenis bwg dlm dapur

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