Monday, 23 June 2014

MBO Birthday Treats - JUNE 2014

I forgot to redeem my birthday treat from MBO which is 2 movie tickets of any choice (movies marked with *) so this week shall be the last week for me to redeem the tickets.

Not sure on the method of redemption though. I'll just ask for assistance when I reach the theatre.

But the problem is, I have one extra ticket and no one to accompany me. I can bring Alyaa of course but when I check online, movies with * are mostly movies for adults (which will bore her to death).

Most of my friends either married, in a relationship (strict one) or with kids. So I don't think any of them will be free to accompany me right.

Nevermindla, it's free pon kan..

Hi Adam Sandler, see you tonight at 8.30pm k..

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