Sunday, 18 January 2015

life as it is

life at work has been hectic.. always..

dream life just started its baby steps..

baby steps for others..

giant steps for me..

what seems so small to you..

might means the world to me..

be nice to people..

be nice to me..

may 2015 brings more joy than sorrow..

if sorrow chose me, then let sorrow be the best teacher for me not to forget Him..

if joy stays with me, may it be the reason for me not to forget Him..

i have sinned..

i have grown..

i need to change..

for a better me..

Friday, 2 January 2015

Final Descision postponed

Hahahah.. due to the overwhelming response on my decision to resign myself from this boring-too-much-restriction-I-rather-work-in-a-library company, I've decided to postpone my decision until further notice.

The rumors on the downturn of 2015 economy affected my final decision. It's still final but with some amendment on the execution date.

We'll see how thing goes 1st..