Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Nadia's life plan review

I formatted my tab quite some time ago without saving my precious contents inside it. As a result, I lost my draft 'life plan before I reach 30'. I actually sketch some drawings instead of listing it in point form.
Anyhow, since my dropbox account is now full, I had to actually 'detox' my dropbox from unnecessary files which led me to the path of finding my long lost cute life plans.. hahahhha..
so, as i'm reaching the late 20s stage, i'd like to review back my life plans to see whether was it as planned, almost as planned, almost there or totally out of my plan..
Almost 75% has been accomplished.. therefore, nadia is now a happy person.. i feel so blessed.. one of my dreams was actually to travel to korea and i made it..twice!! Almost bought a ticket to korea this year but managed to refrain myself..
it's okay to have dreams.. to dream of having your dream life. when you have goals or aims, it's easier to shoot the target !!
PS; Backstreet boys will be coming to Malaysia this 3rd of May 2015 and I can't go because I'm on vacation during that time T__T.. still thinking whether should I buy the concert ticket in Bangkok or not.. hahahhahaha.. (things I do for BSB)

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