Tuesday, 23 June 2015

How do you deal with a 6 year old daughter with a teenager attitude?

Last 2 nights, my mum tuned in to Disney channel for Alyaa to watch while waiting for breaking fast and to my surprise Alyaa simply changed the channel to 393 to watch Korean Dramas. For the first few minutes I was okay then I became a little bit worried. Is she growing up too fast? or perhaps I didn't spend enough quality time with her?

When I was her age I'd cry my lungs out if someone changed from Disney channel to watch drama (back then there was no Korean dramas - I might have acted differently if there was hehehe)

Before I went to sleep I look at her peaceful face while sleeping and found few spots of rashes on her cheek might be due to my face cream (she loves putting on my face cream, make up etc) Maybe that one is normal I guess because she's a girl. I just need to forbid her from using my creams in the future for the sake of her skin's health (and my pocket money, face cream is not cheap ok?) She likes makeup probably because of youtube. The way she apply face creams seems professional. Unlike her mummy -__-  Mummy main tenyeh je. 

Kindly ignore all the mess in my room. Thank you.
End result after 3 hours preparation before outing

So I'm currently reading few articles on this matter which I find quite interesting and informative. Apparently Alyaa's behavior is normal for her age. I just have to remind her to enjoy being a kid. Sometimes I think I spent too much time on my smartphone that I forget my daughter needs me growing up. Maybe I should spend less time scrolling instagram and facebook or maybe limit my 'social media' time. The reason I'm always with my phone is I sell stuffs through instagram (Mummy needs extra cash for raya T__T) Glad I realized it now. You can always find money but you can't turn back the time.

Below are list of fun activities I found over the net. Source : http://thehilljean.com/2012/08/20-mommy-daughter-dates.html

20 Super-Sensational, Fabulous and Fun Mommy Daughter Dates
1.) Frozen Yogurt. Ok, had to put this in here since it’s got that sentimental value for me. This is one of Coco’s favorite things to do with me to date. Probably because it involves chocolate.

- Always do this with her. She loves cotton candy from baskin robbin

2.) Park Play Date. Go to the park and actually play with her on all the toys. Go down the slide, swing with her, pull your arms out of socket on the monkey bars.

- I need to slim down first la I guess. Too heavy to move around haha.

3.) Manis and Pedis. Go get your nails did!

- Obviously fun stuff to do together but will surely put a hole on my purse bahahahha

Cheaper option - Henna RM5 per hand

4.) Plan a scavenger hunt or give her a treasure map and discover the clues together.

- In the midst of drafting our scavenger hunt with the title : Alyaa go banana

5.) Roller Skate. Take her to a skating ring and pad every exposed limb and skate at risk.

- Sorry alyaa. I even terpelecok walking on stable ground. Can't imagine roller skating.

6.) Paint Pottery. Take her to a place like Color Me Mine and paint some pottery together.

- Last time we went to paint pottery she ended up crying because her pottery is ugly. Need to work on this.

7.) Shoe Shop. Girls love shoes. Let her try on high heels and model them for you. Walk away with some new duds for the both of you.

-It's our weekend routine *oops*

8.) Gift Shop. Take her to a dollar store and let her pick out some gifts for family members and friends. Give her an allowance and let her plan out how she spends her wad. This is a fun way to introduce the joy of gift giving while spending time together.

- This is my fav activity, I hope she's having fun as much as I did.

9.) Go to a movie. Very basic, but very fun as long as you don’t see a lame movie.

- She prefers to watch movies with her cousins rather than with me. *sobs sobs*

10.) Go to a ballet. I did this with my mom when I was little. We saw the Nutcracker. While I loved all the pretty costumes and the dancing I was horrified by the men in tights. Their junk was gigantic and grotesquely encased in white tights. This was the determining factor that I would not be in ballet. Ever.


11.) Go to a play. My mom actually took Coco to a local performance of Wizard of Oz. It made a great impression on her and exposed her to another art form.

- Krikk Krikkk Krikkk

12.) Take her to an American Girl Store. They offer fun services like a Beauty Salon and Doll Hospital. I imagine this could be a rather expensive little trip–so I’d definitely wait until my daughter was a little older. But it seems like it could be a fun experience for a kid who likes dolls.

- Malaysia got this kind of store ka?

13.) Bake together. Kick everyone else out of the house and have a baking extravaganza. This is probably one of Coco’s favorite activities to do with me and essentially all it costs is a little time and a lot of clean up. You could even do something so awesome as make a Nacho Cheesecake together like Sue did over at The Spin Cycle (do yourself a favor and visit her blog–she is in the top three for me).

- Since ramadhan, we do this quite often. Fun Fun Fun.

14.) Girls Night Out. Get gussied up and go out for a fancy dinner. Just make sure the restaurant is semi-kid friendly

- Sometimes. At her fav pasta place.


15.) Take her to a children’s museum. You’ll feel like you’re doing something to make her smarter in the end. This is always a good feeling to end with.

- But but but.. I hate museums *tee hee*

16.) Go to the farmer’s market. Eat fruit, listen to local bands play, and buy really expensive balloons.

- Sounds fun

17.) Go on a coffee date. Contrary to popular belief, it’s never too early to introduce your child to the wonder of coffee. I get Coco decaf with a bunch of milk in it, but if that weighs too heavy on your conscience you could do flavored steamed milk, or hot cocoa. But your kid will be cooler if they drink coffee, just sayin’.

- Always

18.) Go to the mall. You don’t have to really buy anything but there’s always a fun attraction like a carousal or fountain, or Sees Candy.

- Always

19.) Do a craft together. Go to Michaels or JoAnn’s and buy a little craft kit that you can make together.

- Will do. We plan to build cat's castle although we don't have any cats

20.) Stargaze. My kids love to go outside and say goodnight to the moon and stars each night. Grab a blanket, hot cocoa, and bug spray and have some quality time looking at the beautiful night sky. I bet you anything you’ll have a deep conversation. When we look at the stars we end up talking about God, heaven, and when she can have a bunk bed. Sometimes zombies work their way in there, too.

- Nenek won't allow this. Kena gigit nyamuk katenye nnt.

I'd planned some activities to do with Alyaa after this. Semoga istiqamah wahai Mummy Alyaa :)