Wednesday, 26 October 2016

October 2016

Life has been urmmmm uncertain, head over heels, sometimes rainbow sometimes feels like trapped in a sewerage bla bla bla for the past 1 year... I had a really bad depression last few months.. up to a point i even had to prescribe to sleeping pills etc so that my mind could rest.. instagram didn't do any justice, i might look like i've been enjoying life where the fact is i really hate getting up in the morning to live another day.. who would display kepalatan in life anyway?

I turned 1 year working with my current company.. work was hectic, but somehow felt appreciated when i see my KPI (hehehe)

i was supposed to go for my annual balik kampung trip (korea) on 26.10.16 but had to cancel due to having to choose either wanderlust or a new kitchen.. adulthood sucks.. unless if u're anak raja or something..

#misiredkebaya as always ke laut.. I gained another 5 kgs once i vow to lose another 10kgs.. well, that's the usual nadia anyway..

this few weeks i've been reading a lot, meditate a lil bit so that i can have a stable mind to keep my life back on track..

i didn't realise before how serious depression could be until i experience it myself.. never take depression lightly.. never think that 'ala baru kena uji sikit dah terbabas' never ever think that 'sendiri cari pasal'...

i used to think of that way cause i experienced worst before, divorced when i was 5 months pregnant and still a student but i don't know why stupid inconsequential matters got me into depression..

anyhow, may I have a better life after this..

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