Monday, 28 November 2016

What To Do When You Miss Someone Who Doesn't Miss You Back

What To Do When You Miss Someone Who Doesn't Miss You Back?

You do NOTHING. Just distance yourself from him and anything got to do with him.

I know this lately most of my blog post covers the sadness and vulnerability of my pathetic life but heyyy I'm trying my best not to sober in real life so let me sober here instead.

Anyhow, I'm now experimenting with my feelings, trying to gain back the strength I had years back when I got divorced. I hope it still works. With a twist of course.

This time around I will not let hatred take over my sanity. To hate someone is actually exhausting. Especially when you still have feelings for him.

Sometimes I'm not sure if the reason why I'm trying to let him go is because I fear that he will leave me first or simply because I want to be respectful by giving him the space he longed.

Why do I love this guy so damn much is because he is smart, he is intelligent, he is good looking and he is all I ever wanted in a guy. It's just that I can't have him. He used to care so much about me that I let my guard down for him. Yup, that was my biggest mistake ever. Nothing to regret, at least he was there when I have no one.

People change, so does their needs. I may no longer have what he needs and I may no longer need what he has to offer. Things changed drastically these past weeks. Sometimes we no longer have things to talk over the phone. We no longer hang out. He never asked anything about me anymore, maybe because he doesn't care or he couldn't be bother.

Setting a distance is the best thing I could do now.

The more space you give, the more space you earn.